Customer Service Jobs

Are you looking for additional compensation? Student, housewife work according to your availability. Make the most of your smile by welcoming travelers from all over the world. We are looking for ambitious, serious people who like autonomy and contact with people. Self-employed (self-employed). pay per task.
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Toutes les villes d’Amérique du nord.
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You must have:

A cell phone (with text message, email and calendar)
Be registered as a self-employed worker
Have a bank or Paypa account
Bilingual (an asset but not required)

Work to be done

Search for new clients
Reception of tenants and site visit (1 hour max)
Departure of tenants and inventory (30 minutes max)
Housekeeping of the accommodation according to the owner's request (1 hour to 3 hours depending on the accommodation)
Collection and delivery of the keys to the owner
Report to Welguest inc.

Welguest inc provides you with the support and tools:

Online Advertising and Marketing
Self-employment registration assistance
Online platform with upcoming appointments
Your schedule to know your availability
Compensation around $ 19 per hour
Contract in due form between Welguest inc. and the self-employed