Renting my Cottage: We Can Help You Recoup Your Investment

If you own a cottage but don’t have the time to advertise it, you may be missing out on a golden opportunity to make money in 2021! Property management companies offer short-term management services to help you rent out your cottage and recoup your investment!

Due to borders being closed and teleworking being mandatory, business opportunities in the short-term rental field are exploding! With most cabins on the market being unavailable, vacationers are increasingly looking into AirBnB’s: they are looking for your cottage!

But, do you really have time to take care of the renting process? Do you live near this second home? Will you be available to welcome your visitors and clean the whole house before and after their visit?

If you’ve answered no to one of the previous questions, we invite you to read the following text!

Simplifying the Rental of Your Cottage

You could seize more opportunities of renting out your cottage and capitalizing on your investment with a property management company by your side. They will simplify and accelerate the process.

More Money, More Time, While Spending Less Energy

Increasing your renting income while spending less time and energy? By handling the rental of your cottage, a property management company can make all of those things happen!

Your property management company should take care of the following tasks for you:

  • Marketing
  • Bookings
  • Welcoming and managing guests
  • Payments
  • Home maintenance

Moreover, the renting price of your cottage will constantly be adjusted according to market prices. You’ll easily make more money without having to do anything except book a first meeting with us!

(H3) Peace of Mind is Important

If you’ve decided to rent out your second home, you may be worried about guests leaving the cottage in a poor state. A rent management company will offer you peace of mind by implementing effective safety measures such as:

  • Security deposits
  • Visiting the premises at least once a week
  • Performing home maintenance and repairs when needed

This way, you’ll have no trouble sleeping at night knowing someone is taking a good care of your cottage!

An Impeccable Service for Your Guests

Get good comments and build an excellent reputation will help you stand out in the market! We will offer your guests an impeccable service, making sure they are warmly welcomed and that they’re enjoying their stay!

Offering that kind of service requires a lot of effort! Unlike your rental management company, you can’t always be available for your visitors.

Are you looking to make money by renting out your cottage? Don’t hesitate to contact us!